Cathy Myers – Public Education and Collective Bargaining


Cathy Myers is running in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District to replace Paul Ryan. She faces a tough primary on Tuesday, August 14th, so make sure to listen and then donate to her campaign or volunteer to get out the vote!

Come for our discussion of how to fix public education, bring the glitz and glam back to collective bargaining, and the Wisconsin Idea. Stay for my freshman year musical project.

Cathy’s website is and you can find her on Twitter @CathyMyersWI

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NOTE: This podcast was recorded at the end of May, hence the mentions of spring. I’ve faced some pretty serious health issues so thanks for your patience folks! Should be back to regular posting soon.

Caitlin Clarkson Pereira – Earned Family Medical Leave


Caitlin and I sat down to discuss her policy of choice, Earned Family Medical Leave, and what it would mean for the people of Connecticut’s 132nd House District and the state as a whole. We also talked about how the government has endorsed my plan to never eat salad again, carrier pigeons, mom-shaming, and so much more!

Caitlin’s website is and you can find her on Twitter at @CaitlinForCT.

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“Wonks Will Win” Trailer


After the campaign comes the governing and the innovative progressive policy that will make the country a better place.  That’s why we’re interviewing progressives from around the country, running for all levels of office, about the policy they’re most passionate about and why.

So, let’s get into it!

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